Ecuador Adventure Retreat

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⟡ How are the Retreats With Kelli? ⟡

Life is an amazing journey that involves the spiritual and physical realms and that's why Kelli has created an unforgettable fun and adventurous experience intertwined with yoga and meditation to balance and align both sides of life.

Sometimes we take life too seriously and forget to smile, laugh, and have fun; some others we forget to breathe and look inwards. With Kelli you can come together with no judgment to be yourself while you explore a part of you that has been missing, she will guide you to combine them all.

⟡ I Believe In Balance. ⟡

⟡ Personalized Wellness ⟡

Every mind, body, and spirit is unique. This is why it is important to find the best wellness that is right for you. Contact me to inquire more about how we can make all your personal wellness goals come true.

⟡Believe In The Process Of Letting Go⟡

⟡ Why Practice Yoga & Fitness With Kelli? ⟡

I am a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga Alliance certified. My training is based in Ashtanga yoga. Ashtanga yoga is important to me because it connects to the traditional Indian philosophy, pranayama, and meditation practices of yoga. This past link gratefully connects us to the present moment.

I also have 75 hours in Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release. I hope to introduce students to all forms of yoga, meditation, and pranayama so they can explore what works for their body, all while creating a higher awareness of the mind, body, and soul.

I had moved to Bocas January 2020 and started attending Kelli's yoga classes to help me settle into my new home. As the pandemic hit we were no longer able to attend classes in person.  Kelli started a group yoga page online and I was so grateful.  To have access to this practice and to see Kelli live was such a gift and helped me remain present and grounded. 2020 has been a tough year for many, but I for one am so grateful for Kelli and to have yoga in my life.


No one kicks my but harder than Kelli! She helps me stay focused and on track for all my fitness needs!


Kelli, I have to tell you I am so grateful for you and your gifts. After many years of “doing the same'' I think I had become stale in my yoga practice. Now, I feel I am in a new chapter! Love the spiritual aspect of your practices. Not many instructors address that....And I really enjoy all the shared information about our anatomy/physiology and eastern medicine.......we are SO on the same page! Even did my YIN practice bra-less freeing. I have to confess, it is not easy to say “I love myself” but I am going to try & incorporate that into my daily thoughts......Thanks & Good Night

Mary Beth D.

Love! Love! Love! I am an older woman who never felt comfortable in a yoga class. Kelli leads classes that make me feel that anything is possible!


I felt relaxed, calm, and collective after attending Kelli's classes.

  • ⟡ Coco Kelli ⟡

⟡ Coco Kelli ⟡