Thug Yoga®

⟡ The Hustle U Give Yoga Opens Greater Awareness 

 The mission, intention, definition, or whatever word resonates with you, of Thug Yoga® has always been, and still is, in line with Tupac’s 1994 MTV interview. And not to age me, but I remember watching this interview. His definition of a “thug” was the underdog who, despite life’s hardships, holds his head high and overcomes obstacles to succeed. With this motivation, Thug Yoga was founded! 

Here it goes! If you know me, you know that I have some Thug in me, so it only seems 100% natural that I indulge in this thing called Thug Yoga. Since youth, hip hop and rap have influenced my life and is a major part of who I am today. Hip Hop culture is so easy to relate to as it defines not just simply music, but a lifestyle - an expression of hardship and perseverance.  

Thug Yoga was founded by my friend Courtney Smith in 2008 and I am lucky enough to be joining her as a Badassador. When I met Court, I knew right away she was a Badass Chic, as she was one of the first women I ever heard teaching yoga to rap. Que Cool! 

Yoga is not about where you came from, how much money you have, the wheatgrass shot you drink, the status you attain, or what you look like in a pose. Yoga is simply about creating awareness, it is for every person and all walks of life. We vow to bring this to you through the practice of Thug Yoga. 

So ride with us! Listen to the stories behind the lyrics, move your body to the beat, and let the yoga flow make a positive impact in your life. Through many struggles, hip hop and yoga have been my savior and we want to share that with all communities. 

Thank you Hip Hop. Thank you Yoga.